Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Shane Black emerged big in Hollywood when he wrote Lethal Weapon. After about a decade in the film business, he stopped making movies for a while. He recently returned to film with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang which he also directed. It's his best movie ever. The dialogue is sharp and clever. The characters are offbeat and the action is good. What more can you ask for? Here's a drawing I did of Michelle Monaghan from the movie.



and no connection to that old crossgen comic

yippy kai yay shum


speaking of die hard:

i've just learned from access hollywood,

there will be a 4th die hard movie!

it's called-

" life free and die hard !

cool! :)

Urban Barbarian said...

I dunno about that... Lethal Weapon is pretty tight! But I did love Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang!

Nice illustation, Howard!!!

Freshyfresh said...

Beautiful drawing!
And I like the colors what you use for the hair and the skin!
I like your Casablanca drawing too!

Howard Shum said...

Thanks, comikxguy, Dan, and Stefani!

Randy Siplon said...

Did he write Die Hard also? I'm confused. I loved Kiss Kiss Bang Bang though. Great flick.

Howard Shum said...

Shane Black did not write Die Hard. Comikxguy just likes saying, "Yippy kai yay" and digressing.