Monday, March 12, 2007


Angel-A is a great new film by brilliant writer-director Luc Besson. It's a comedy set in Paris about a guy who is ready to give up on life until he meets a mysterious woman who shows him aspects about himself that he did not know. One of the film's stars is Rie Rasmussen who seems quite knowledgeable about not only filmmaking, but creativity as well. I did this drawing of her from a fashion photo.



very nice

IamOSI said...

another hot one howard!

Howard Shum said...

Thanks, guys!


hey shum

i didn't go to WWLA afterall

bet your like:

so? just go to SDCC

i guess its SDCC then

btw is more gun fu coming out or is it canceled?

are you ever going to do an artbook?

i know alberto ruiz will make an awesome one for you

see you when post sumthin'

"digress" indeed :)

Howard Shum said...

I am working on a new creator-owned book at the moment. I have plans for more Gun Fu, but not in the immediate future.

No plans for an artbook presently.

See you in SD.