Friday, October 19, 2007

In the Zone

I'm not sure one can quite understand the feeling of being in the zone if one is not an athlete, artist, or writer. If you're an athlete, you can score at will and no defense can stop you. As an artist, your lines are going down effortlessly and better than you expected. When writing, scenes come out better than in your head and dialogue is coming out cleverly and fast. You can't put yourself in the zone. It just happens. Sometimes when I'm in that state when writing or inking, I'll lose track of time and forget to stop and eat and stuff like that.

I was in the zone when penciling this drawing of Emma Watson as Hermione yesterday afternoon. Then I went to a screening and party. I wasn't in the zone when I inked and colored it. I like the drawing, but I wonder how much better it could have been if I finished it in the zone.



here's to "the zone"

not the twilight zone but thee zone :)

jsos said...

sweet. came upon this site from ottley's blog. I'm really diggin' your stuff.