Tuesday, December 18, 2007

8th International Comics Artist Conference

Last month I was invited to give a speech and participate in the 8th International Comics Artist Conference in Hong Kong. My friend and fellow artist Randy Green came along to help me represent the mighty U.S.A. If you are a professional comic book artist, I highly recommend attending this fun event. We had a great time and were treated amazingly. Next year's conference will be held in Kyoto. A big thanks to Alan Wan and Adeline Ho for all they did for me.

Here are some photos from my camera. I still have another roll to develop. Yes, I still shoot on film. I'm not opposed to digital, but I like shooting with SLR cameras and a digital equivalent to mine is out of my range at the moment. If Canon wants to give me one for free, by all means do so.

Here's Randy, Tony Wong (big time Hong Kong publisher) and me at the opening ceremony.

Randy and Tan Eng Huat (Silver Surfer artist) drawing on the panda mascot

Can you spot my drawing?

Randy was excited when we went to a 5-star restaurant and he saw a complementary hat on his plate. He cried when I told him it was a napkin.

Look it's me on the big screen getting an award. The award was for "stupidest comic creator who attempts to make comics for cool people as opposed to fat nerds."

Didier Pasamonik and me holding our awards. Bad focus by Randy.

Here I am outside the Cyperport waiting for a boat to take us to a restaurant on an island. Little did we know the boat took us instead to a secret island where they forced us to compete in a deadly martial arts tournament. Luckily we survived, but Randy now has a life long scar from a sword across his right thigh and is married to the island chief's daughter (don't tell his wife and kids back in the U.S.).


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time in HongKong.

Your artwork is awesome.

Just recently found your blog.
I'll be checking out your blog some more from time to time.


congrats howard on your award

dude! thee tony wong! need to get him to SDCC!

i gots to meet him!

that guy kicks butt!

jademan comics rule!

they need to put those back in trade since solar lord, mega dragon and tiger etc.

i was really bummed that they didn't continue

they are really good

maybe you can do something about that

btw, did you get children of men?

also i just saw i am legend literally a few minutes ago

i thought it was good

i saw the book too but didn't like the artwork but will read it when i get a chance

congrats again! :)

Martin Hsu said...

looks like good times!

Urban Barbarian said...


Howard Shum said...

Thanks, everyone!