Monday, January 07, 2008


Here are some Heroes sketch cards I did for Topps a couple of months ago. I think the set is coming out soon. When it does, I will get the six color cards back. If anyone is interested in getting one from me, shoot me an e-mail.




do ya like the show?

its ok for someone who is writing/developing superheros but never read a comic

we who do read comics have seen most of that before but for those who haven't they think its amazing

Howard Shum said...

I agree. The show's writing is highly derivative of comics. Pretty boring (like most super-hero comics nowadays).

Freshyfresh said...

They looks great, especially the girls!:D

I hope you had some great holidays!


yeah, i'm getting less and less every month

i'm now picking up older work and artbooks

and the girls always look great :)

and arschblog makes them nice too

IamOSI said...

another cool set, bro!

Howard Shum said...

Thanks, Stefanie and Erwin!

Bahne13 said...

Bad ass work :D
Keep it up !