Friday, May 01, 2009

Land of the Lost

I saw an advance screening of "Land of the Lost" (written by Chris Henchy & Dennis McNicholas and directed by Brad Silberling) tonight. As a kid, I was aware of the show, but never watched it because if I was watching TV on Saturday morning it's going to be cartoons and not cheap live-action stuff. The movie which stars Will Ferrell, Danny McBride and Anna Friel is hilarious and adventurous.

Ferrell play a scientist with a crazy time warp theory who is made into a laughingstock by the evil TV news reader Matt Lauer. A young Cambridge educated scientist played by Anna Friel convinces Ferrell's character that his theory isn't whacked and he finishes his dimensional machine. They go to a cave (lead by tour guide Danny McBride) where the tachyon readings are strong and end up in another dimension where there are dinosaurs, lizard men, and monkey men.

I think this movie is aimed at kids, but there are a bunch of funny sex jokes that will go over their heads. I say this as a compliment, no one in film or TV plays a redneck jerk better than Danny McBride. It's a fun movie and worth watching.

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