Thursday, October 20, 2005

Slave Leia

Anton Bogaty and I traded drawings of Princess Leia wearing her metal bikini. Yes, I know Anton did a way better drawing than I did. I'll make it up to him by becoming a brilliant film director and then he can show my drawing to his friends and say, "Look at the crappy Leia drawing I got from that Hollywood bigshot." Check out Anton's website and buy his beautiful Drawings book.


Bruno Werneck said...

I like Leia's marker sketch a lot! Jabba just had his slurppy or something... :)

Mark McDonnell said...

Great Leah illustration. Great color and great mood. Keep em coming Please.


Wayens said...

hubba hubba
I've always liked Leia's slave outfit. Even at only 8 years old, I found it attractive (don't know if sexy was in my thoughts or vocabulary then ;p).

Even have a figure of her. yay!

Nice work, simplified lines yet important facial and "other" features accentuated, intact, yet not overblown. ^^ Thanks for sharing!