Monday, April 02, 2007


This is a drawing I did of His Purple Majesty from a photo.



"the sky was all purple and people were running everywhere"

kind of ties in with the hollyweird fire huh?

kids these days :)

anyway.... ready for a long post?
no? well your going to get one anyway :)

i was going to hold off for a week or 3 then post just to see if anyone else was going to post something

guess not :(

this is not a bad drawing

they never are

it seems to me that most of your viewers are for the chickx

like people who are fans of alberto ruiz and dean yeagle or linsner

not that that is a bad thing

it would be nice if you would put out a artbook with all the chickx drawings in it, i'm sure alot of people would buy it like me

speaking of that how about doing some full body shots?

these type of posts usually get about 1-5 posts on the low end and a whole mess of them when the drawing is really good or there is a huge announcement like a artbook or an award or something they relate to

but that doesn't matter

what ever pops in that head of yours i'm cool with

i like your drawings anyway but i'd like you more if you had a book released once in a while :)


Howard Shum said...

Thanks, comikxguy.

I'd like to put out an art book one day. There are other things I would like to do more such as making movies and comics.

I have a full body drawing of Tori Praver that just needs to be inked and colored. Hopefully soon.