Monday, April 16, 2007

The Simpsons

For most people their favorite Simpson is Bart or Homer. For some it's even Maggie. Mine is Jessica.



this one sucks!

just kidding :)

what can i say, they are always good

so are you doing some filming lately or comics?


now draw here as the rumored pussycat doll

Howard Shum said...

Thanks, comikxguy. At the moment, I'm writing a screenplay and getting up a new creator-owned comic.


hey shum,

from the last post i bet your like:

"didn't i already mention this before"

yeah, you mentioned the comic but the screenplay

"oh! my bad" :)


saw you on the c4 list as well as cheeks

found out through the jim lee blog, rich friend is doing some "public training" on there and posted them on his DA (deviantart, for those in the know)

a poster(odon) mentioned the mini-con, went to the site, saw the list and you were on it

i live in sd, chula vista to be exact, if i was going to go i'd have to take a bus

do you know anyone here that i could possibly hitch a ride with?

if not, oh well

so its every year?

i might just go to the next one then

this is for anyone, right?

love to come hang out youze guyz


almost done with the full body ?


Howard Shum said...

comikxguy - this is the first time I'm going. I think it's for artists only.

ppodd said...

so what do you use to draw your pics? Adobe Illustrator???

Howard Shum said...

Pia Shantee - I draw by hand and ink with a Raphael 8404 #3 sable brush. I color with Photoshop.