Sunday, June 24, 2007


Yes, I know it's summer, but I just recently inked and colored my buddy Mike Wieringo's Spring piece. One of the purpose of art is to evoke emotion and this drawing makes me feel serene. It's my most favorite of Mike's.



nice! i like that one too and the flyboy one andthe one with the bot looking up and....:)


CRAP! i meant BOY not bot :) :shakes head:

passing a note to ya from cheeks blog:

"Heya, Folks!

My bud Howard Shum

had an extra space at his table for me to sit during the San Diego Comicon, so I have an official table # for you to find us at. The table # is E2. We'll be sitting right next to our pals Rajesh (emceeONE) and Luca Tieri.

Thank you, Howard,

Rajesh, and Luca! We all are looking forward to seeing whomever can make it out.

And...... WOWSAS!!! Thank you for all for your responses about Spidey Animated!"


Howard Shum said...

Thanks, comikxguy.