Friday, April 02, 2010

The Secret in Their Eyes

I saw "The Secret in Their Eyes" tonight. It won the Academy Award this year for Best Foreign Language film. It's written by Juan José Campanella and Eduardo Sacheri (based on Sacheri's novel) and directed by Campanella. It's about a retired cop who tries to write a novel. He thinks back to a case 25 years ago involving a rape-murder. I don't say this often so believe me when I say this is a cinematic masterpiece. Everything about this film is great. If you love films go watch this.


Anonymous said...

how do u do?

bharathi shekar said...

Hi Shum,

Hah...Finally, I see a blog that says El secreto is a masterpiece. I hope you enjoyed watching it as much as I did. How about reading my blog and letting me know what you think about it??


Howard Shum said...

Hi Shekar,

Your piece is well written. I agree with all you wrote.