Saturday, January 01, 2011

Alpha Monkey

In 2007, DC Comics asked my to create a new comic for their online division Zuda. I dusted off a concept that my friend Bobby Rubio and I came up with for animation called "Alpha Monkey" and used that. DC liked it and I got my super talented "Hyperkinetic" team, Matteo Scalera and Oscar Celestini, onboard. Here are all the pages we did.

Written and inked by Howard M. Shum
Penciled by Matteo Scalera
Colored by Oscar Celestini
Created by Howard M. Shum & Bobby Rubio

Alpha Monkey™ is ™ and © 2011 Howard M. Shum and Bobby Rubio.


bobbyrubio said...

I still think this will make an awesome Cartoon! It's better than a lot of stuff currently on TV!

Howard Shum said...

Right on, Bobby!

Clara said...

cool! (:
it's really good. i like the art. it's different from most DC comics i've seen so far.

Howard Shum said...

Thanks, Clara!